LockCrypt 2.31

Protect and manage sensitive data effectively


  • You can create custom categories
  • Exports to several formats
  • Synchronizes with mobile devices
  • Easy to use


  • Password management is not its strong point

Very good

We're not always as careful as we should be with out secret data. Some people even have the bad habit of jotting down usernames, passwords, PIN numbers and other sensitive data on a sticky note that they just leave lying around.

If this sounds like you, you'd better take a look at LockCrypt right away. This app can handle all your private data and keep it safe and sound in an encrypted database, either based on a TXT file or a MySQL document (which makes it suitable for both the beginner and the advanced user).

LockCrypt features a bunch of different categories for your information: credit card numbers, login data for websites, email accounts, doctor's prescriptions, etc. What's more, you can easily create your own categories and thus tailor the program to suit your needs. It also lets you export information to several different formats, as well as sync the database with and Windows Mobile and Java-enabled handheld devices.

As you can see, LockCrypt is not just a password manager; in fact its password management feature seems quite basic when compared to other similar tools. But the program makes up for it by offering you an additional Firefox add-on that enables LockCrypt to work better with the browser.

LockCrypt is a safe vault for any kind of confidential data. Plus you can manage your passwords in Firefox, and sync data with your mobile device.



LockCrypt 2.31

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